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Tis the Holiday Season

A Lifetime of Gifts From Martial Arts Training

The holiday season is a time of reflection and a time to be thankful for our family and friends. It is also a time to plan ahead so that we may achieve our goals for the coming year.

At our school, we are thankful for our students and their families. For us, martial arts training is more than just an activity, it is a way of life. To have the opportunity to share the benefits of martial arts training with our students every week motivates and encourages us to work hard every day.

The spirit of the holiday season reminds us of the special benefits we develop as martial arts students. These are benefits that we all share as we are all students of the world of martial arts training.

Likewise, each of us is a teacher of the martial arts. The most special attribute of learning the martial arts is the spirit of giving knowledge to each other. When we work together, we are helping each other learn.

As martial artists, we learn to be optimistic. We learn from the mistakes of the past and focus on the achievements of the future. Positive mental discipline is important for a happy life. When we acquire this gift, we can look at life in a whole new way. We can be more relaxed and focused under stressful conditions. A true martial artist’s most obvious character trait will be humility. There will be no need for conceit because the martial artist is self-assured. A martial artist will always try their best to achieve, and will define success as helping others be successful.

Martial arts training aims to teach students the importance of respect. We develop respect for parents, teachers, and elders. It is when students learn self-respect that they develop resistance to negative peer pressure and social pressures.

Martial arts is well known today for its ability to develop confidence in its students. A fine line can separate strong confidence and confidence that falters. Martial arts training is confidenc training.

When confidence falters, your training will pick you right up with high-energy classes and class achievements. The most valuable possession anyone can have is family. Family ties are the roots to growth and prosperity.

Our family wishes your family a safe and joyous holiday season.

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