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Youth Martial Arts Program

Specializing in personal growth and development.

Not Just Another Activity for Kids

Our children’s program is not your average activity. In addition to teaching kids about self-protection, we take an active role in developing positive values and a strong character. We teach students about the importance of respect. They learn about self-discipline and are encouraged to apply it in their everyday lives. We show them how to increase their self-control, all in a fun, safe atmosphere.

Positive Reinforcement

One extremely important aspect of our academy is the way classes are taught using positive reinforcement. This means kids are rewarded for desired behavior giving them the necessary incentive to continue in a more positive way. This also creates a feeling of success allowing the student to press forward toward more rewarding achievements. They are challenged in such a way that if they do their best, they will be successful. The martial arts at Villari’s is an individual activity. No one ever “sits on the bench.” Each student is an all-star!

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