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Adult Martial Arts Program

Learn Self-Defense and get a great workout.

Adult Program…
Self-Defense and Fitness Are The Goals

The martial arts at Villari’s is not your average workout program. Most workout programs contain large amounts of physical activity but severely lack the mental stimulation that our program provides.

At Villari’s, we believe that physical and mental activity is important to create and sustain optimal health. It’s with this understanding that we have created a program containing the right balance of both mental and physical activity to leave you feeling GREAT, class after class.  Many of our adults also have children training, and utilize the martial arts as an opportunity to share a common interest with their kids.


"Master Steve Hannah’s program is absolutely one of the best self-defense programs I have ever seen. Not only are the classes fun and entertaining, but there is great emphasis on safety as well. This form of martial arts is one of my primary forms of physical fitness, and the mental stimulation of learning a new technique or principle is very rewarding. No one should say they are too old for Shaolin Kempo since many other “older adults” in the classes have proven that this program is a great physical activity that we really enjoy!"

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