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Online Academy

Welcome to Villari's Martial Arts Center's Online Academy!  Here you will find videos of most of the important material we require our students to know in order to advance in rank.

It is important to understand that not all students will know all of the material presented here.  We teach specialized curriculums to adults and teens, older children, and younger children.  So younger students will not have the same amount of material as older students but they will eventually catch up with this material.

Watch this first!

Click on the colored belt to go to that belt's rank material page. 
(You will need passcodes to access these pages)
Full Belts- White Belt.jpg

White Belt

Full Belts- Yellow Belt.jpg

Yellow Belt

Full Belts- Orange Belt.jpg

Orange Belt

Full Belts- Purple Belt.jpg

Purple Belt

Full Belts- Blue Belt.jpg

Blue Belt

Full Belts- Blue With Stripe Belt.jpg

Blue W/Stripe Belt

Full Belts- Green Belt.jpg
Full Belts- Green With Stripe Belt.jpg
Full Belts- Brown Belt.jpg
Full Belts- 2nd Degree Brown Belt.jpg
Full Belts- 3rd Degree Brown Belt.jpg
Full Belts- Black Belt.jpg

Green Belt

Green W/Stripe Belt

3rd Degree Brown Belt

2nd Degree Brown Belt

1st Degree Brown Belt

1st Degree Black Belt

2nd Black.jpg
3rd Black.jpg
4th Black.jpg
5th Black.jpg
6th Black.jpg

2nd Degree Black Belt

3rd Degree Black Belt

4th Degree Black Belt

5th Degree Black Belt (Master)

6th Degree and Above Black Belts

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Tai Chi and Chi Kung

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