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The Black Belt Club

What is the Black Belt Club?

The BBC is a program open to purple belts and higher designed to maximize your martial arts experience. Students who are firmly committed to achieving their black belt and are willing to train consistently throughout the year are good candidates for this program. Once this commitment is made, additional training opportunities will become available. Our belief is that the more a student wishes to invest in their personal development, we in turn will provide them with additional methods and opportunities to help them achieve their goals.

What are the benefits?


BBC members receive numerous additional benefits, all of which are at the discretion of the student, and with approval from Villari’s. With the exception of CIT training, there is little or no charge for any of these programs. BBC members can learn about character development, social skills, and find out what it takes to become an instructor by joining our Instructor Training Program. They can hone their skills, get out in public, and develop teamwork by joining our Community Outreach Teams. They can begin to explore the world of martial arts weapons with Basic Bo Staff Training. Additional weapons will become available as students progress in rank.  Members get the prestige of wearing a Black Uniform, and will be invited to special social events through our BBC Just for Fun program.  Adult members and parents of younger members may participate in our Tai Chi program at no cost.  Finally, members are eligible to attend additional rank specific classes in our Turbo Training program.

There is no cost or schedule change when you become a BBC member.  You may purchase a black uniform if you choose. Certified Instructor Training costs an additional fee, but is not required to be a member of the Black Belt Club.

Joining the Black Belt Club

Step One: Fill out a BBC Application (pdf) and return it to your instructors.

Step Two: After receiving notice that your application has been approved, schedule a conference to discuss your commitment to Black Belt excellence.

Step Three: Submit your note of commitment and order your black uniform (optional)

Step Four: Choose a date to be presented your diploma in class. Welcome to the Club!

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