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Martial Arts: The Spirit of Thanksgiving

The tremendous popularity of the martial arts can be attributed to the spirit of giving. Inherent to martial arts training is sharing knowledge with others. Many years ago, only a few possessed the skills and knowledge of the martial arts. Today, there are thousands of teachers and millions of student practitioners , making martial arts one of the fastest growing activities in the world. No other activity focuses on self-improvement and also on helping others improve like the martial arts.

Once you have been a student for even a short time, you will probably offer help to your fellow students. Maybe you will show them the correct sequence in a form or technique. This is the teacher that is developing in you. As your training continues, you will find yourself thinking from a teacher’s perspective. This will make you a better martial arts student.

Your experience in the martial arts accentuates your giving nature, as it teaches you how to share a part of yourself. You will find yourself going the extra mile to help your family and friends. This is an important part of character development , especially in children.

For instructors, it is truly a wonderful feeling to give students the knowledge and skills that can make a difference in their lives. During this season of thanksgiving we want to thank all our instructors for the knowledge they have given us, and to thank our students for the opportunity to share martial arts with you. We hope many of you will continue the important tradition of giving by sharing with others the benefits of martial arts training.

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