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How Does Martial Arts Training Develop Self-Discipline?

Self-discipline comes when you see the tremendous results your training gives you. From that point it’s much easier to acquire the will power needed to overcome personal obstacles. Martial arts itself is self-discipline. Continuous training establishes a physically disciplined pattern for you. Once a student discovers how they have accomplished this physical discipline, they can more easily adapt this quality to their daily lives as well.

Does martial arts training develop discipline in children, even undisciplined ones?

Yes! Martial arts, first of all, creates a disciplined environment. Children are guided in what to do, and as a result begin to take pride in the results that they see in themselves. This mental maturity encourages them to stick with this strategy, even in everyday life. It is important for children to have patterns of discipline to follow. Without patterns, children become overwhelmed and almost fearful of having to create their own patterns of routine in life. The martial arts gives them a positive pattern to follow. Their training remains constant, though other aspects of their lives may not.

How soon will I see the results of such discipline?

Results are always achieves on an individual basis. However, on the average, discipline can be achieved, surprisingly, very quickly, sometimes within a matter of weeks. With children, discipline becomes evident once they establish the “discipline pattern.” That’s why it is so important that parents get their children on a fixed schedule of martial arts class attendance, and remain adamant about ongoing training.

In what ways is discipline achieved?

Whether it’s learning to “not talk back” for children, or how to

stick to your diet for adults, martial arts training can bring a person’s mind, body, and spirit together to achieve success. Children also begin to understand that there are rules to learn on the road to adulthood. There are rules inside a martial arts class, and corresponding rules at home. Breaking these rules, as a child learns, leads to a reprimand; abiding by them leads to praise and affirmation.

How can I expedite discipline?

By gaining enough confidence to take chances with yourself. To say “no” or “yes” when conditions warrant. Your training can teach you this. Never quitting, never getting discouraged – no matter what - will quickly bring about self-discipline. It is important, especially for children, to have them continue their training, even when they fell like they are going through training “lulls.” This is what self-discipline is all about.

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