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Continuity is the Key

As the warm weather brings “spring fever”, some children may want to engage in outdoor sports such as baseball and soccer. This can sometimes result in scheduling conflicts and a drop in enthusiasm for their martial arts classes. We believe that it is important for your child to continue his or her karate training throughout the year.

Sports in general can teach your child many lessons. Here we teach your child not only how to defend themselves if the need were ever to arise, we also develop the character building skills that are incorporated right into the martial arts. The foundation of the martial arts is based on reinforcing values, and forging strength of character. You must respect yourself and others in order to succeed. We work hand-in-hand with parents to help your child learn, and to put into practice the “Three Rules” of Respect, Self Discipline, and Self Control. Throughout the year, the time spent practicing and inside the dojo reinforces these lessons. During the summer it can be tempting to stop practicing for a while, but in the end it’s not the best choice.

Continuity can be crucial. Keeping your child in classes and practicing at home teaches another lesson - perseverance. Even though it takes a while to achieve some worthwhile goals in life, such as a black belt, it is the struggle to achieve our goal that makes us who we are. It’s the journey that changes us - the black belt is a confirmation of that change. Keeping your child in karate teaches him or her to stay with what they start.

These traits will make a significant difference in your child’s life today and in the years to come. For example, students have related that Black Belt status on a private school or college resume gives instant credibility. It makes your child stand out as a commitment oriented individual with discipline and a strong drive for personal and academic achievement.

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