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Mothers and Daughters Benefit from Martial Arts Training

Today martial arts is more popular than ever and is enjoyed by men and women of all age groups. The propulsion behind martial arts’ popularity is fueled by its broad benefits to participants. Self defense, weight loss, stress reduction, fitness, and confidence are just a few of the results students can expect from martial arts. The benefits explain why women of all ages are attracted. 


Why Your Daughter Should Train in the Martial Arts

Martial arts can help your daughter prepare for life’s challenges found throughout her early years and well into adulthood. She can use the confidence developed to help her at school when taking an exam and speaking in front of a group. She will learn to be assertive and protect herself if need be. Statistics say that 1 in 5 college girls has to physically defend themselves on a date. Her training will help her be aware and less likely to be a victim.


Why Women Should Train in the Martial Arts

Women can take advantage of the benefits that have made martial arts popular. Each woman will discover the benefits that are most important to her. Here are some to consider.


Start with self-defense. The ability for a woman to protect herself (and any children in her care) is a serious matter. Imagine this situation: While on a trip, a woman’s car breaks down, a great distance from a populated area. Her cell phone has no signal. A van approaches, stops and a man exits. A woman trained in the martial arts would know that she can control the situation either way.


Consider the health benefits. Today, many woman are susceptible to the same levels of work related stress that have traditionally affected men. Many women need to balance the most challenging job in the world, raising children, with part-time or full-time careers. Martial arts can provide stress management. Whether a woman wants to shed a few pounds, strengthen muscles and improve flexibility, martial arts offers it all.


We believe the most important reason that women should pursue the martial arts is to give them tools that will improve the quality of their life. It is never too late to start learning martial arts.  If you’re not currently enrolled in our school, contact us to discuss a program that meets your needs. 


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