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Hey Kids, Why Are There So Many Rules?

Imagine if you woke up one morning and there were absolutely no rules to follow.  What would life be like if you could sleep until 11:00 am and skip school?  Imagine if you could drive a car anywhere you wanted without needing a driver’s license.  What if you could eat your favorite snack food as your dinner? How about going to bed anytime you wanted? Although living with no rules might initially be appealing, life without rules would be very detrimental to your life. No school means no education. No minimum driving age results in more traffic accidents. Not eating well-balanced meals keeps you from being physically fit, strong and ultimately healthy. Ignoring sensible bedtimes deprives your body of much rest needed to restore your energy. Rules are actually essential to our overall well-being as individuals and as a society.

At our school, we have rules that we ask our students and parents to follow. Some rules are simple, such as coming to class prepared and on time. This allows classes to start punctually and therefore to be a benefit to all students. Students should arrive in proper clothing that is neat and clean. This shows respect for your school and for yourself. There should be no disruptive talking while classes are in session. This allows students to properly focus their attention on their training.

These basic rules teach responsibility, respect, and courtesy for others. The rules are put in place for your benefit as well as the benefit of our school as a group. As students of the martial arts, it is important to embrace all school rules and allow them to guide you to becoming better martial artists.

It’s true that martial arts schools tend to be more strict than many other places or activities you may attend. But this is also why martial arts training has earned a positive reputation for helping children to develop better self-discipline. It is our goal that all students can take the rules of our school and apply them to their everyday lives at home, at their scholastic school, and eventually at their careers. So the next time you read or hear a rule, policy, or regulation, ask yourself how this will make you a better person and make the rule your own?


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