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Martial Arts Creates A Positive Competitive Spirit

Competition is a force that motivates people to give 100% effort. In martial arts class, students deal with two forms of competition: Self-Driven and Peer-Driven. Unlike many other activities where the main focus of competition is to defeat another person, the competition in martial arts classes emphasizes learning, developing a positive competitive spirit among all students in the class.

Self-Driven competition relies on the students’ desire to progress in rank and thus learn advanced skills. This is a goal-oriented, motivational force that keeps students progressing. From the first day of class, students begin to develop this self-driven competitive spirit as a character trait. This character trait will have a significant impact on all aspects of their lives. Students will face many challenges in the years ahead and their opportunities for success may be stifled by self-imposed limitations, rather than by competition from others. When students are self-driven, opportunities that arise in life are met with confidence and motivation.

Peer-Driven competition is even more natural. Students motivate each other by advancing through the ranks as a group. Just as great sports players can inspire better efforts from their teammates, highly skilled martial arts students help others to perform to their own potential.

As adults, we know the importance of working well as a group, or as a team, in performing any task. Martial arts training helps develop these group skills to the fullest. The martial arts offers students unlimited opportunities for success by using the competitive spirit in positive ways. Students learn that they can be winners every day, because when you are learning, you can never lose!

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