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Everyone is a Winner

You’ve chosen to become a student of the martial arts, with all the commitment, hard work, and discipline that the martial arts requires. That makes you a winner.

As a winner, you never quit or give up on the goals you have set for yourself. A winner continues forward when times are tough and goals may not seem immediately attainable. Winners see the roadblocks of life as mere speed bumps along a path that must be completed. Winners will not be deterred from their objective.

Most of us are taught, however, that winners are only those with the highest scores, the most points, and the championship trophies. Some define only those people as successful. We know better! We know that all martial arts students are winners. Each time they attend class, they renew their quest for learning and their commitment to achieving their goals. Each class is a step on the path along which all students work together to achieve success.

Students soon discover that that martial arts develops into a way of life. The principles that are taught in martial arts can take winners and make them successful in all aspects of their life. Principles such as perseverance, commitment, dedication, teamwork., respect, and focus are important in masking successful martial artists. But aren’t these principles also what make us successful human beings?

As martial arts instructors, we are proud to have the opportunity to teach these ideals to our students, so that they have the tools to become successful both inside and outside the school. This is one of the reasons we aspire to keep students active in the martial arts and in our school for many years to come. This objective can only be accomplished if all of us (instructors, students, and parents) have a winning attitude.

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