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Being a Black Belt Means Being Responsible

Many of us have had classmates and friends who always make excuses and blame others for their problems. Often, these people are inconsistent, unreliable, undisciplined and lack mental toughness and determination. Worst of all, they’re usually irresponsible. Being responsible for one’s decisions and actions is one of the most important character traits of a Black Belt.

As a martial arts student, you must learn to be responsible for your actions. Be a problem solver, not an excuse maker. If you want to act responsibly, then look to yourself first for improvement. Don’t expect others to solve your problems. You must learn to be a reliable person who will always support and help your classmates, family and friends. Learn to accept discipline as a benefit of being a true Black Belt, and maintain self-control during all situations. If you are a responsible student, then you will be mentally tough as well as enthusiastic, confident and positive.

Responsibility is a major challenge all martial arts students face during their daily training. Other challenges include outside distractions, physical limitations and intellectual burnout. React to those challenges with a positive attitude and you’ll understand that being a Black Belt and being a responsible person mean the same.

Ask yourself the following questions to test your responsibility level. If you answer the questions with honest “Yes” answers, then you have the spirit of a Black Belt.

Do you conduct yourself responsibly (at home, in school, in class; everywhere every time)?

Do you understand the responsibilities of leadership?

Do you act responsibly to those you lead?

As a leader, are you a positive role model for responsible behavior?

Do you ignore outside distractions and commit your entire self and attention to your class?

Do you persevere through physical challenges, even though you want to stop?

Do you remain calm and focused to prevent your mind from wandering?

Train your mind and your heart to make the best, most responsible decisions possible. Do not make bad decisions. Irresponsible reactions are the real obstacles to success. You won’t regret your responsible decisions, but you most certainly will regret the irresponsible ones. Remember, being a Black Belt means being responsible.

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