What Others are Saying About Us

Dear Master Steve:

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your dedicated staff.  Your program for children is a perfect mix of discipline, character building and training.  It makes learning karate for our young son very rewarding.  We have especially enjoyed watching our son’s confidence soar as he learns each skill and makes new friends.  Your focused but patient approach is a great fit for all the children you teach.

Thanks so much,
~ A Villari parent



We tried a trail class at Villari’s with my sons ages 3 and 5.  They had never found a sport or activity that they enjoyed and benefited from before.  We figured that we would give it a try.  That was years ago.  My sons love the martial arts program at Villari’s and have since the beginning.

The instructors make it a fun, great exercise while teaching the physical and mental parts of karate.  My sons have benefited by becoming much more fit, focused, aware of their body and mind since joining the Villari family community.  I feel the same way as we have met many nice families from the program.

The instructors are wonderful.  Their patience and ability to get a room full of kids focused and excited about learning is to be commended.  Sensei Steve Hannah has supported our family as my boys continue to grow in their martial skills but his program is about much more.  Skills that children need to learn as they grow into productive, fit, focused adults.

We were very fortunate to find Villari’s of Walpole and look forward to continuing in their Black Belt Program for years to come.  I recommend Villari’s of Walpole to everyone I know.”

~ A Villari parent


They both love it. When it is class time, I never have to tell my children more than once to get ready. The instructors are very nice and professional. My little one hates when he is scolded at any activities he participates in. Here he is spoken to in a manner that he likes. Today was a snow day at school. Since 10:00 am my children have been asking me if there was karate tonight. They were thrilled to hear it was open.”

~ A Villari Parent



When my son was five I signed him up at Villari’s in Westborough. I honestly thought it was going to be a waste of time given his age but my friend’s kids came and they seemed to enjoy it. Since I signed him up I’ve completely changed my opinion. It’s been extremely worthwhile for my son… the class has been so helpful in building his self-esteem and confidence and he just loves karate. He’s very committed to learning the various forms and I can tell he just feels stronger in his body. We love the instructor and her passion for the sport wears off on the kids.”

~ A Villari Parent



Master Steve Hannah’s program is absolutely one of the best self-defense programs I have ever seen. Not only are the classes fun and entertaining, but there is great emphasis on safety as well. This form of martial arts is one of my primary forms of physical fitness, and the mental stimulation of learning a new technique or principle is very rewarding. No one should say they are too old for Shaolin Kempo since many other “older adults” in the classes have proven that this program is a great physical activity that we really enjoy!”

~ Villari Student



“Dear Villari’s,
We want to thank you so much for the incredible birthday party you put together for our son. I would recommend a Villari’s birthday party to any parent who desires an effortless, reasonably priced party with a true educational component. In the end, our son felt incredibly special, all the kids had a blast and we felt so proud to host such a special event. Thank you for such a memorable birthday party!”

– A Villari Parent