Five Animal Leadership

Ancient Traditions for the Modern World


There is no shortage of information about the topic of leadership. Leadership training is now less of a ‘what’ and more of a ‘how’. How is the information presented? Does it leave a lasting impact? Is it easy to recall appropriate information at appropriate times? The five animal leadership matrix provides a framework which keeps the content interesting and easy to apply.

The matrix is derived by utilizing the teachings of Five Animal Kung Fu. These animal styles were originally designed to give us five mindsets which each develop a unique skill set. Within each of the five attitudinal mindsets are five disciplines: body, mind, character, relaxation, and implementation. This forms a five by five matrix which results in a comprehensive approach to leadership and personal growth and development.

Participant receive a workbook in which they will map out a personalized formula for success. The information covered ranges from goal setting and personal mission statements, to communication skills, to enhancing relationships. There is a high level of interaction involving group projects, role playing, and discussions. There is power in putting a group of individuals together all focused on squeezing the most from their lives. By the end of the course, participants have a customized reference book full of concepts they now link to actual experiences.