Colors of Character

The Colors of Character program was created to balance your child’s physical development with the concepts of Self Discipline, Respect for Others, and Self Control. The program consists of a series of exercises designed to help you instill and strengthen your child’s understanding of these core character traits. With the completion of each exercise your child will be awarded a colored bar to be affixed to their Colors of Character patch, which is worn on the left sleeve. These colored bars correspond with the colored belt ranks.


  • Students should complete the assignment that matches their current belt color.
  • They will receive each new assignment in their Promotion Kit following belt testing.


Yellow Bar (pdf)

Complete the ‘Martial Arts Scavenger Hunt’.

Orange Bar (pdf)

Recite the definitions for the three rules.

Purple Bar (pdf)

Match the appropriate rule to the examples listed.

Blue Bar (pdf)

Learn Black Belt Principles

Green Bar (pdf)

Develop a positive atitude.

Brown Bar (pdf)

Set goals for how you wish to improve in your practice of the three rules.

Black Bar (pdf)

Write an essay on how the rules have impacted your life.